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Singles Round-Up: Some Stuff I’m Listening To

I’ve got some pretty cool albums I haven’t been able to take off my CD player, and I’ll be writing about those soon– but I’m always concerned that, in my hurry to review whole disks of good material, I miss a song here and there that is also valuable. Some of the songs I’ll be posting today are from upcoming albums, but some are from old albums– some are from artists I already know I love, and some are from artists I don’t know anything about– or might not have listened to otherwise.

Bobby, Sick Milk (Partisan Records)

First– Bobby is currently opening for The Low Anthem, and features some really cool male/female vocal pairings on their first single, “Sore Spores.” It’s really folksy, but the word that keeps coming to mind when I listen to it is “gauzy.” It’s different than anything else I’m listening to– which I guess is kind of the theme for this post. But I keep hitting “repeat”. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the album sounds like, but if it’s as cohesive as this song– even with all of its different parts– it’s sure to be a completely unique offering.


Daughter – “In The Shallows” (Tales From Shop Session) from Stay Loose on Vimeo.

Elena Tonra, better known as Daughter, is currently finishing up her first official EP– but in the mean time, she’s kept busy by climbing the Hype Machine charts and putting out these really charming acoustic videos. She’s a dynamic performer, and is obviously very talented. This song is very pleasant, and it’s rare that I find a female vocalist I like as much as I like her. “In the Shallows” is a delicate ballad, and worth a listen.

Wrong Words “What Went Wrong” music video from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

The Wrong Words is releasing new material– you can watch the video of “What Went Wrong” above or jet over to My Old Kentucky Blog to download their new single, “Summer’s Gone.” Both songs evoke a kind of California pop, and it’s nice for a change of pace. My music has largely reflected my cold, winter surroundings for some time, and it’s nice to get some energy on the speakers.

Middle Class Rut, “New Low”

OK, this is the one I was really conflicted about. Because I heard this song, and it was instantly in my head. I must have listened to it fifty times before deciding to post it. Who knows what finally pushed me over. Middle Class Rut is a duo, but they make music that sounds way too heavy for two people, for this most part. This song reminds me of Jane’s Addiction, but they’ve opened for acts as heavy as Chevelle and Alice in Chains. So what is it about this song? I can’t figure it out. I can’t stop singing it, either, though. It was the first thing that stopped me in my tracks on the radio in a good year. I love this song. So maybe someone else will, too.

Bill Mallonee may be the most overlooked songwriter of the last decade. It’s a big statement, because it’s rare that a musician gets as much recognition as they deserve, but he’s really incredible. I love Perfumed Letter  (which was released on Paste Magazine’s now defunct label)– and one of my all time favorite songs is “Crescent Moon,” which I think is one of the sweetest, most honest love songs I know. It’s harder to track down, but you can listen to it on Myspace or purchase the whole album on Bandcamp. (I recommend the latter, but probably after the former.)

Listen to Bill Mallonee’s “Crescent Moon” here (I think!) or here