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I’ve been lucky that many of the wonderful musicians I write about have become friends. I think there’s a reason for that: I’ve met enough musicians to know that not all of them are people you want to be friends with. But there’s something about the musicians I feature over and over– the “KDR Favorites”– that stands out. Their music is more than catchy or interesting– it delves deeper. It’s reflective; their music is both deeply personal and easy to apply to your own life. There’s something important about their lyrics and music. Maybe it’s like Rhett Miller says– their music is useful. And maybe that’s how these people keep turning into friends. Because they’ve done me a service in my life; their music is a type of medicine, and it’s healed and improved my life time and time again.


I can certainly say that for the fantastic Phillip-Michael Scales (Briar Rabbit), who, despite being ridiculously busy, right now especially, always checks in on me every few weeks, just to say hello. I have been enjoying Briar Rabbit since he first started following me on Twitter, and have written about him several times– usually to alert you that he has made some music that would make your life better. This time, though, it’s a little different– I need you guys to do something for him.


First– check out his new demos!


Second– go to his PledgeMusic site and help him make For Your Bones. There are so many worthy artists on these crowd funding websites, and I know sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and choose which one to support. Let me make it easy for you. You’ve got until Friday. Put some money into this project. Scales is a phenomenal musician, which anyone who listened to The Company You Keep can vouch for– but I can go one step further. Scales is a really nice person. He’s someone worth supporting– verbally and financially– because his music will ‘pay it forward’ so to speak, and continue to make people’s lives better.


Oh… and just in case you don’t want to take my word for it… here’s what Ben Folds has to say.




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