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NEW: Tony Memmel’s Video, “Clenched Hands Brave Demands”


As always, I’m excited to be able to share what Tony Memmel has been working on– here’s his awesome new video for “Clenched Hands Brave Demands,” a song from his most recent EP of the same name. I said in my previous review of the record that I think most of Tony’s music is about seeing the darkness but making the active decision to turn towards the light anyway; this video perfectly sums that up (and I love the children in the video). There’s something about a rooftop concert that evokes a certain kind of freedom and peace: Tony is continuing to hone his art by not just writing catchy, playable music that holds up over time, but by adding new artistic dimensions to it.





OR CATCH HIM ON TOUR (he’ll be all over: CA, WY, WI, etc.!)


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