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Record Store Day 2012

Photo by: Grace Mullins


We may have gotten a late start, but fortunately (unfortunately?) that didn’t save my pocketbook. And I still left things behind that I wanted! I went to Joe’s Records on the west side of Evansville (where I’m also a member of the vinyl club: if you’re anywhere near southern Indiana, this is a good place for you to buy records)– and despite the fact that I couldn’t get there until late afternoon, they still had a shockingly good selection. That says how good the releases are this year.


The records I was most excited about were the Uncle Tupelo reissues– I’ve wanted to know “Black Eye” on vinyl since I first learned the song. But after scouring the selections they had, I made peace with the fact that they’d been picked over pretty hard by 3 p.m. I only had one single– Patterson Hood’s “After It’s Gone”– and was planning on picking up a few more for posterity’s sake. But I mentioned the Uncle Tupelo records to the guy behind the counter– and lo and behold, there were a whole bunch of records (re: All Of The Ones I Wanted)  in another place.


While I was busy rejoicing about Uncle Tupelo (I came away with March 16-20, 1992 and No Depression), my stepdaughter, Grace, found the Ryan Adams 7″. And then I found Brendan Benson’s and Richard Buckner’s. All in all, a ridiculously successful Record Store Day.



Andy was most excited about Richard Buckner’s Willow– it’s from a movie and was initially only released in America as a special track for the digital pre-order of Our Blood. It also has a song called “Lost” and– I’m very excited about this– a digital download of The Cars’s song “Candy-O.” The Ryan Adams 7″ (which anyone who is a regular reader here can predict was the one I was most jazzed about) features the Bob Mould covers “Heartbreak A Stranger” and “Black Sheets of Rain.” Patterson Hood & The Downtown 13 features “After It’s Gone,” which is a rallying cry against the further development of Athens, GA. (This song features all sorts of musicians, including Mike Mills. I can’t wait to hear this.)


And perhaps the coolest: Brendan Benson’s release (on his new label, Readymade Records), features the lead single off his forthcoming record (next week)– “What Kind of World” and an exclusive B-side, “Go Deco.” But that’s not all– Benson’s also offering the opportunity for you to download his new record, What Kind of World, two days early, exclusively at his website.


In conclusion, I’ll basically be listening to these for the next 48 hours. I’ll let you know when I come up for air.

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