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NEW: Esa Linna’s “Piece of Me”


Esa Linna, who has been a bassist and vocalist for several bands (in several genres) since the early 90′s, has released a compelling new EP, She’s Not a Human Being. The title track is a wonderful power-pop song, and thematically, has shades of one of my all-time favorite songs, “Murder (or a Heart Attack)”– the song, which musically sounds like a love song, is actually about his cat. (The song actually name drops Jeff Lynne, which… you really can’t beat that.)


However, the first song that got my attention was the folky “Piece of Me.” It’s a beautiful song that seems, at first, as if it’s going to be unbearably dark; however, the chord progression is so interesting and hopeful that it’s easy to be sucked in quickly. Of the song itself, Linna says:


The song itself was going to be somewhat filler for my EP, but somehow it turned out very good. I recorded & mixed (and of course wrote, sang, and played) it by myself in my home and the percussion you hear are actually a plastic box (as bassdrum) and plastic mug played with my hand or steel guitar tube!

The lyrics are very personal. Basically about myself not being too eager to tell everything about my personal life to people, although there are no skeletons in the closet. But there have been tragedies (deaths of 2 of my brothers, 1 sister) in my family in the past. I can talk about these things very openly, but won’t usually bring’em up unless someone asks (although some of my songs deal with these issues very frankly/directly, like “20 000 Days” from the EP). Hopefully people find different meanings from these lyrics, though!


Even cooler, Linna himself understands that people might be interested in the technical aspects of the song (I always am), and he’s posted a pretty interesting essay on how it was recorded (software, instruments, etc.): CHECK OUT LINNA TALKING SHOP HERE.


There are shades of Elliott Smith in this song (and of artists like Robyn Hitchcock in “She’s Not a Human Being”), but I think that comes as much from the fact that Linna was on a similar trajectory from grunge to folk. It’s just got this ghost-like quality that I absolutely love.


The EP will be released in the US later this month and will include an 11-track demo disk, as well. He’ll also have a full length record out by the end of the year.








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